The expression of our terroir begins
with the work done in the vineyard.

At Marsau, the vineyard’s modest surface allows for an unparalleled attention
to detail during the vegetative cycle of the vine, adapted to each individual plant:
rigorous pruning and thinning, the pursuit of an optimal leaf surface exposure, early leaf-thinning and green harvests, eliminating late grapes
at the end of veraison, then harvests programmed
according to the desired level of ripeness in each plot.

Winemaking techniques are adapted to the specific nature of each vintage and of each plot of land.
Our aim is to take advantage of each grape’s natural concentration
and to faithfully extract the personality of the terroir and the variety.
Ageing in French oak barrels is done in separate lots,
in order to preserve the identity of each individual cuvée.
The final blend is made at the end of this 12-month ageing period.
Bringing into being Marsau, and its second wine Prélude.